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Administrator, Chief Executives
Government executives determine and formulate policies and provide overall direction of federal, sate, local, or international government activities. Plan, direct, and coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of subordinate managers.
Administrator, Health Information
Health information managers are responsible for the maintenance and security of all patient records. Recent regulations enacted by the Federal Government require that all healthcare providers maintain electronic patient records and that these records be secure. As a result, health information managers must keep up with current computer and software technology, as well as with legislative requirements. In addition, as patient data become more frequently used for quality management and in medical research, health information managers must ensure that databases are complete, accurate, and available only to authorized personnel. Health Information Managers and Administrators interact with all levels of an organization—clinical, financial, administrative—that utilize patient data in decision-making and everyday operations.
Analyst, Program
Program Analysts are responsible for planning, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of the operating programs. These positions utilize a high degree of qualitative and quantitative analytical skills in analyzing, evaluating, and improving the effectiveness of the operations. The major duties of this position include employing advanced qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze and measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of organizational programs, establishing study methods and techniques and analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of complex program operations.
Manager, Industrial Production (Drug Manufacturing)
Plan, direct, or coordinate the work activities and resources necessary for manufacturing medicinal and other health-related products in accordance with cost, quality, and quantity specifications.
Manager, Medical and Health Services
Plan, direct, or coordinate medical and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed-care organizations, public health agencies, or similar organizations.
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