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Introduction to LifeWorks® E-mentoring

LifeWorks® E-mentoring is an NIH-sponsored mentoring program for high school and college students who are interested in behavioral and social science, biomedical research, and healthcare careers. Through this program, students are linked via e-mail communication with e-mentors who provide them with relevant information, guidance and support. E-mentoring takes place on the Internet and requires regular access to a computer and Internet connection. To increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome, a continuous mentoring commitment of at least eight months is expected from all participants.

Who can be a mentor?

Undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, postdoctoral fellows, independent researchers, and healthcare personnel are well-suited to serve as e-mentors.

Mentor Screening: Safeguarding our Youth

Please be advised that as part of the registration process, all prospective mentors are screened against the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender database of the United States Department of Justice. NIH will also contact the designated personal reference to request information about your character and academic/employment history. This information will be held in strict confidence, and will not be shared with you or third parties.

What do I need to get started?

  1. An e-mail account, which can be obtained free from most Internet service providers.
  2. Access to a computer and Internet connection, at least on an occasional basis through your school, local library, work or home.

All e-mail between mentor and student must occur through LifeWorks® E-mentoring. In addition, all mentor-student communication will be exclusively directed to the e-mail address provided by each participant on their LifeWorks® E-mentoring registration form.

Thank you for your interest in mentoring our nation’s youth.

Proceed to Mentor Registration.

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