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By: Paul | June 19 2009 | Category: Issues in Education

With the new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan leading the way, the call for reform of the United States education system is resonating throughout the country. Teachers, unions, politicians, industry leaders, and interested citizens are voicing their ideas and concerns.
Last week, the Carnegie-Institute for Advanced Study Commission on Mathematics and Science EducationExternal Web Site Policyreleased its new report, The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global EconomyExternal Web Site Policy. In the report, the Commission argues the need to embrace a new reality in which the world has dramatically shifted, and as a result, an equally dramatic shift is required in educational expectations and design. The Commission points out that, knowledge and skills from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ­ (often referred to as the STEM fields) ­ are crucial to virtually every endeavor of individual and community life.  They reason that every American student should be STEM capable through a reformed education system.
Education reform is not a new concept, but the suggestion that math and science be placed at the center of a reformed education system is ground-breaking and encouraging news. Certainly it would be a unique strategy to have math and science laced throughout a school¹s curriculum and not restricted to one period every other day.
The Commission makes several recommendations and challenges to the nation include:
  • Establish common standards for the nation in mathematics and science standards that are fewer, higher and clearer ­ along with high-quality assessments
  • Improve math and science teaching
  • Redesign schools and systems to deliver excellent, equitable math and science learning
 This is a sizeable challenge. Do you think it is an achievable one?
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