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June 2011

By: Cindy, Dave | June 14 2011 | Category: NIH Resources, Tidbits for Teachers

The NIH Science Education Resource Group has launched a public competition that seeks to bring hands-on science into classrooms nationwide.

The NIH K–12 Lessons About Bioscience (LAB) Challenge asks teachers, students, parents, scientists, and science enthusiasts to submit their favorite experiments for elementary, middle, and/or high school students. The best experiments will become part of an official collection that NIH will distribute for free in print and electronically. Your experiment could help students everywhere experience the discovery of science!

Experiments form the basis of scientific inquiry but aren’t used often enough in the classroom because of expense, complexity, or time issues. The NIH K–12 LAB Challenge seeks to address this problem by identifying experiments that are engaging and inexpensive to do.

The challenge runs until December 1, 2011, and is open to any resident of the United States or a U.S. territory. Details and entry forms are online.

Help NIH bring engaging and inexpensive experiments into the classroom so everyone can enjoy doing science. Submit your favorite experiments today.
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