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Beginning the Partnership
Sustaining a Partnership
Changing the Culture

Changing the Culture

If you’re lucky, your partnership-building efforts will be received enthusiastically and given tangible administrative support. You may have colleagues and trainees who are happy to help you or become involved themselves. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that your university or institute will provide verbal encouragement but little else. Your department or division chair may be ambivalent or hostile to your involvement, fearing that you’ll spend less time on research or departmental administrative tasks. Scientist colleagues may be reluctant to join you because they don’t see how such relationships can enhance their career or believe that their efforts will have a significant impact on science education.

Here, we help you anticipate and prepare to respond to potential roadblocks before you reach them. We outline ways that institutions and individuals can benefit from participation in efforts to enhance K-12 science education so that your conversations with administrators and colleagues can be as productive as possible.

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