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Evaluation Tools

While it is a great feeling to become involved in K-12 education, it is even greater to know that you had a real impact on the schools, teachers, or children. The only way to do this is to evaluate your program. The sites below will help you develop assessment metrics. If surveys are part of your assessment portfolio, take advantage of the commercial survey tools, many of which have a free version.


SEPA Evaluation Resources External Web Site Policy
Science Education Partnership Awards (SEPA) projects are evaluated to ascertain the impact on participants through the use of various evaluation tools such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, and knowledge tests. This Web site includes links to SEPA-generated evaluation tools, external evaluation tools used by SEPA, and other evaluation tools. You can gain a better understanding of the evaluation process by looking at links showing the methods by which SEPA projects were evaluated and project evaluation reports.


The Evaluation Primer: An Overview of Education Evaluation

Accountability and Assessment

Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges and Strategies for Success

Identifying and Implementing Educational Practices Supported by Rigorous Evidence: A User Friendly Guide

Random Assignment in Program Evaluation and Intervention Research: Questions and Answers

Workshop on Randomized Experimental Evaluations

Other Sources

75 Eval Tools from: Bay Area Environmental Education Evaluation Learning Community External Web Site Policy
The Place-Based Education Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC) compiled this list of evaluation tools.

National Marine Sanctuaries Education Project Evaluation Tool

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