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A researcher milks poisonous venom from snakes.
A researcher milks poisonous venom from snakes.
Story Of Discovery

Making Medicines from Poisonous Snakes

Poisonous snakes may some day save your life now that medical researchers are harnessing the healing potential of their venom. More...

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Zebrafish, courtesy of
Zebrafish, courtesy of

Exciting New Animal Model

Zebrafish (ZF), a small fish found in pet stores, is also an excellent animal model. It has been used successfully to identify genes responsible for developmental disorders and diseases. Easy to breed and maintain, zebrafish larvae are transparent, allowing researchers to observe early development firsthand. More...

Other Amazing Facts
Fragile X Gene May Yield Clues About Autism
Tiny Fruit Flies Yield Huge Benefits

Dr. Stephen Warren (Courtesy of Emory University)
Dr. Stephen Warren (Courtesy of Emory University)

Stephen Warren

While still a post-doctoral student, Stephen Warren became convinced that a single gene was necessary to cause fragile X syndrome -- the most common form of mental retardation in humans – and that this gene operated in a way unlike that of any other cause of mental retardation. More...

Other Scientists
Clarence Cook Little (1888-1971)
David Baltimore

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