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NIH Curriculum Supplement for Elementary School

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Open Wide and Trek Inside!

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Beyond the traditional “brushing and flossing” curriculum, this module focuses on the science of the oral environment, and major scientific concepts relating to oral health.

Learning Focus
1. What Do Mouths Do?Stories and games teach structures and functions of the mouth.
2. Open Wide! What's Inside?Hands-on activities enrich activity one.
3. Let's Investigate Tooth DecayInvestigate the process of tooth decay, using apples as models.
4. What Lives Inside Your Mouth?By play-acting and story reading discover bacteria's role in decay.
5. What Keeps Your Mouth Healthy?Interactive games and a story identify healthy behaviors.
6. What Have You Learned About the Mouth? Reflect on lessons learned.
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National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research

“My students are very aware of their own dental health now --- they beg to brush their teeth every day after lunch!” ---Field Test Teacher

“When we visited the dentist’s office, he was amazed how much the children knew about their mouths and dental care. Thanks to this module, I look really good as a teacher!” ---Field Test Teacher

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