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The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction

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Discover the fundamentals of neurobiology, and learn how drugs of abuse change the brain. Learn that drug addiction is a treatable, chronic brain disease.

Learning Focus
1. The Brain: What's Going On in There?Positron emission tomography (PET) images identify anatomical regions and functions of the brain - basic brain physiology.
2. Neurons, Brain Chemistry, and NeurotransmissionIllustrations and video show how neurons relay information through electrical and chemical signals - neurotransmission.
3. Drugs Change the Way Neurons CommunicateData analysis reveals how drugs exert their effects and can alter the biology and chemistry of the brain.
4. Drug Abuse and AddictionAnimal experiments demonstrate the environmental, behavioral, and social influences on drug abuse and addiction.
5. Drug Addiction Is a Disease --- So What Do We Do About It?Case studies display treatment options and success rates for treating the chronic illness of drug addiction.
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National Institute on Drug Abuse

"Excellent information on drug actions and neurobiology presented in an inquiry format. Students handled difficult concepts because of the way they were presented.” ---Field Test Teacher

"It appears that students really did learn the material on neurotransmission and drug addiction. I actually heard one student kidding another about their dopamine levels! Another student was in my room after school explaining to an underclassman how information gets from one part of the body to the other --- complete with diagrams on the board.” ---Field Test Teacher

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