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Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Biological Rhythms

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Explore the scientific process of sleep, the importance of good sleep hygiene, and the negative consequences of sleep deprivation.

Learning Focus
Pre-lesson Activity: Sleep DiaryLearn that sleep/wake cycles vary among individuals.
1. What is Sleep?Understand that sleep is an essential behavior necessary for survival.
2. Houston, We Have a ProblemExplore the two major states of sleep, NREM and REM.
3. Do You Have Rhythm?Humans have an internal biological clock--sensitive to environmental cues--that directs the sleep cycle.
4. Evaluating Sleep DisordersVarious factors can lead to sleep disorders, most of which are treatable.
5. Sleepiness and Driving: What You Don’t Know Can Kill YouSleep loss has negative impacts on society and medical consequences.
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“I overheard a student say, ‘Boy, did I learn a lot—and it was fun! I learned about EEG, EMGs, and it was painless.’” --Field-test Teacher

“The kids loved the unit. It was about themselves!” --Field-test Teacher

"I like the way it involves a lot of group work. The sleep diary was my favorite part because it told me something about how I sleep. This whole unit was interesting.” --Field-test Student

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