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NIH Curriculum Supplement for Middle School

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The Brain: Our Sense of Self

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Expand basic understanding of brain function and the nervous system.

Science Content
1. A Difference of MindBrain functions; each person's brain responds differently.
2. Regional DifferencesSpecialized regions of the brain process information from specific sources; individual responses vary.
3. Inside InformationThe nervous system processes information; reflex pathways and voluntary response pathways differ.
4. Outside InfluenceLearning as a key brain function, affected by various factors; lab animals can serve as models.
5. Our Sense of SelfDamage to the nervous system through injury or disease; impact of spinal cord or brain damage.
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NINDS Website
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

“The hands-on nature of the module was excellent. It generated student interest and kept learning fun.” --Field-test Teacher

“The inquiry approach of the module was challenging to the students at the right level--it activated the learning process. All students could successfully participate in all activities.” --Field-test Teacher

“I think that the most valuable aspect of the lessons was that they were related to real-life experiences. Also, since the Web activities were hands-on, they were fun and I learned a lot that would have been hard to understand otherwise.” --Field-test Student

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