Teacher’s Guide: DNA Chips

We’ve put the entire teacher’s guide in an easy-to-print “PDF” file. You can print and photocopy the Snapshots content as much as you please, as long as you don’t try to sell it. To download the teacher’s guide, click on the icon at right.

Make sure you save the PDF file on your computer for easy access later. After clicking on the icon, many browsers will prompt you for a file name to save on your computer. However, if your browser loads the file automatically, right click (or click and hold for Macs) on the icon above and choose “Save Target As” (or “Save this link as...” for Macs) to save the file to your local hard disk.

The teacher’s guide contains:

  • Reasons why DNA Chips make a great addition to you normal classroom curriculum.
  • A classroom activity that helps students understand how DNA chips work, including a student handout and answers to questions.
  • Instructions for conducting the Social Impact exercise about DNA Dragnets.
  • Lesson plans and classroom tips for incorporating Snapshots into your classroom.

To read the Teacher’s Guide PDF file, you’ll need the Acrobat Reader software from Adobe Systems. If you don’t already have this FREE software, click the Adobe icon below and follow the instructions on the Adobe Web site.