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Lesson Major Concept for Students
1. It’s Alive! Or Is It? Understand that bone, muscle, and skin are living systems composed of cells.
2. What Makes Bones Strong? Bone structure, dependent in part on minerals and collagen, affects bone strength.
3. Anatomy of a Kick Muscles attach to bone joints and contract to produce movement, such as kicking.
4. Use It or Lose It Muscle mass is increased by resistance training and decreased if resistance training ceases.
5. Helping the Body Build Strong Bones Diet and weight-bearing exercise affect bone-mineral content and overall bone health.
6. Shining the Light on Skin The intensity of sunlight exposure is influenced by various factors, and sun-protection items vary in their effectiveness.
7. Decisions Today for a Healthy Tomorrow Bone, muscle, and skin systems interact with the rest of the body, and their health is influenced by many factors, including behaviors we can control.