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Exploring Bioethics

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Students use a new model for ethical inquiry to develop thoughtful positions on complex bioethical issues. The supplement's six modules each contain three 45-minute class periods of lessons on a specific issue.

1. Bioethics Concepts and SkillsIntroduce students to a new model for examining bioethical issues. Apply this model to two cases involving the use of enhancements in sports.
2. Balancing Individual and Community Claims: Establishing State Vaccination PoliciesDetermine and justify a position that balances individual rights against the best interests of a school community.
3. Allocating Scarce Resources: The Case of Organ TransplantationApply bioethics concepts to scenarios involving the allocation of donated organs.
4. Weighing Benefits and Harms: Ethical Issues in Genetic TestingRecognize the harms and benefits of genetic testing by studying cases that have implications for confidentiality, privacy, and self-determination.
5. Research Ethics: The Power and Peril of Human ExperimentationUnderstand the widespread benefits of medical research on humans as well as the ethical challenges and risks of participating in such research.
6. Modifying the Natural World: Human Responsibilities toward AnimalsExamine human responsibilities to animals and analyze whether respect for persons should be extended to other species.
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“It is relevant. It is less textbook-driven. The kids see issues that we deal with in society every day. And that’s why I enjoyed it most, and I think that’s what they enjoyed most, too ... that it connected to real issues for them.” Field-Test Teacher

“The organization of the modules was helpful, especially the last little summary, which helps you implement the module.”
Field-Test Teacher

“It really gets the kids thinking about what’s coming down the pike as far as technology and the types of ethical dilemmas that they’re going to be facing.” Field-Test Teacher

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