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Using Technology to Study Cellular and Molecular Biology

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Connect how advanced scientific discovery enabled by technology enhances human health and quality of life.

Science Content
1. What Is Technology?Technology; the scale of cell components.
2. Resolving IssuesResolution.
3. Putting Technology to WorkMicroscopy; X-ray crystallography; using technology to understand and solve health-related problems.
4. Technology: How Much Is Enough?History of technology development; development of new technologies.
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“Lesson 3 was a great inquiry experience. Students enjoyed the activity and at the same time, learned how to apply what they know about technology. The scale activity really got students thinking about the size of the cell and what is in the cell. This was a wow activity.” --Field-test Teacher

“The activities made us think. We figured out things ourselves and we actually did stuff instead of just reading.” --Field-test Student

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