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NIH Curriculum Supplement for Middle School

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Doing Science: The Process of Scientific Inquiry

Web version Web versionGrades 7- 8

Students explore the basics of scientific inquiry, refine their critical-thinking skills, and appreciate the purpose of scientific research.

Major Concept for Students
1. Inquiring MindsScientists use various methods of scientific inquiry to learn about the natural world.
2. Working with QuestionsScientists ask questions that are scientifically testable through investigations.
3. Conducting a Scientific InvestigationScientists think critically about evidence that should be collected.
4. Pulling It All TogetherScientific inquiry is a process of discovery that begins with a testable question that can be investigated.
Supplement cover page for 'Doing Science: The Process of Scientific Inquiry'

“Watching the students work together as a collaborative team, sharing experiences, ideas and detailed information was really great.” --Field-test Teacher

“Easy implementation. Other than photocopying and computer set-up, there was very little to do in order to use this supplement in the classroom.” --Field-test Teacher

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