Summary and Data Analysis


Your research question was: Does social interaction affect learning?

Your hypothesis was: Socialized mice learn more quickly than isolated mice.

To test your hypothesis, you used four genetically identical newborn mice. Two were raised individually; the other to were raised together in one cage. All four mice are now adults. None had ever performed the Morris Water Maze test.

Your Data

Over three trial periods, both the isolated and socialized mouse groups showed a reduction in the time it took to find the platform and complete the Morris Water Maze Test. On average, the socialized mice consistently showed a greater reduction in time over the three trials. The full data is available in the following table.

Results (measured in seconds)
  Isolated Socialized
  Mouse A Mouse B Mouse A Mouse B
Trial 1 50 50 50 50
Trial 2 34 37 32 33
Trial 3 33 32 27 30


Your hypothesis was

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