The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology
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The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology

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Teacher’s Guide


Refer to the In Advance section in each lesson for more information about the number of copies required for each master. Masters marked with an asterisk (*) are not needed if you use the Web-based version of the activity.

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Lesson 1 first page

Lesson 1—The Brain: What’s Going On in There?

Master 1.1: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Images*
Master 1.2: Interpreting PET Images
Master 1.3: PET Image Tasks
Master 1.4: Major Regions of the Brain
Master 1.5: Areas of the Cerebral Cortex and Their Functions
Master 1.6: What Happened to Phineas Gage?
Master 1.7: The Reward System
Complete Lesson 1 Masters (3.03 MB)

Lesson 2 first page

Lesson 2—Neurons, Brain Chemistry, and Neurotransmission

Master 1.7: The Reward System (from Lesson 1)
Master 2.1: Anatomy of a Neuron
Master 2.2: Neurons Interact with Other Neurons through Synapses
Master 2.3: How Do Neurons Communicate?
Master 2.4: Neurons Communicate by Neurotransmission*
Master 2.5: Neurotransmission
Master 2.6: Recording the Activity of a Neuron
Master 2.7: Neurotransmitter Actions
Master 2.8: Neurons in Series
Complete Lesson 2 Masters (1.01 MB)

Lesson 3 first page

Lesson 3—Drugs Change the Way Neurons Communicate

Master 3.1: Cocaine Alters Neurotransmission
Master 3.2: Methamphetamine and Nicotine Disrupt Neurotransmission
Master 3.3: How Does Alcohol Affect Neurotransmission?
Master 3.4: Parent Letter
Master 3.5: Caffeine: How Does Your Heart Respond?
Master 3.6: How Do Drugs Get Into the Brain?
Master 3.7: What Should the Doctor Do?
Complete Lesson 3 Masters (350 KB)

Lesson 4 first page

Lesson 4—Drug Abuse and Addiction

Master 4.1: Data for Rat Self-administration Experiment
Master 4.2: Worksheet for Rat Experiment Data
Master 4.3: Evaluating the Experiment
Master 4.4: Playing the Game
Master 4.5: Who Is Addicted?
Master 4.6: Long-term Effects of Drugs on the Brain*
Complete Lesson 4 Masters (249 KB)

Lesson 5 first page

Lesson 5—Drug Addiction Is a Disease, So What Do We Do about It?

Master 5.1: Ruth’s Story*
Master 5.2, Mike’s Story*
Master 5.3: Carol’s Story*
Master 5.4: Disease Reference Information*
Master 5.5: Evaluating the Cases
Complete Lesson 5 Masters (193 KB)


* Not needed if you use the Web-based version of the activity.

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