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Chemicals, the Environment, and You
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Lesson 5-What is the Risk? 

This diagram has three concentric circles that illustrate that an individual has different degrees of control over their risk of chemical exposure. The innermost circle, labeled “Me,” indicates that an individual can make decisions related to his or her body, his or her choices, and his or her own activities.

The next circle outward is labeled, “My Environment.” This includes friends, family, home, work, food, water, soil, and air. Individuals still have some control over the things in their environment, but they may not have complete control over other things in their environment.

The outer circle, The World Around Me,” includes things like other populations, other environments, ozone, and global climate. Individuals have less, or no, control over these things.

Each of the circles is interconnected. Individuals may choose to make decisions about themselves depending on what is happening in the environment or the world. In addition, individuals may try to make changes that influence what is happening in their environment or in the world around them.

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