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Chemicals, the Environment, and You
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Refer to the In Advance section in each lesson for more information about the number of copies required for each master.

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Master Table of Contents

Master TOC (.pdf)


Lesson 1, Chemicals, Chemicals, Everywhere

Master 1.1-1.5 (.pdf)


Activity 1: What Is a Chemical?



Master 1.1, Item Cards

Classroom set


Master 1.2, Periodic Table of Elements



Master 1.3, Elemental Composition of the Human Body


Activity 3: Case Studies of Routes of Exposure



Master 1.4, Questions for Case Studies



Master 1.5, Case Studies of Routes of Exposure

Student Copies

Lesson 2, The Dose Makes the Poison

Master 2.1-2.3(.pdf)


Activity 1: Dose and Concentration



Master 2.1, Opening Questions


Activity 2: Planning the Seed Investigation



Master 2.2, Making Solutions for Toxicity Testing

Team Copies

Activity 3: Setting Up the Seed Investigation



Master 2.3, Toxicity Testing on Seeds

Student Copies

Lesson 3, Dose-Response Relationships

Master 3.1-3.2 (.pdf)


Activity 1: Graphing the Response to Chemical Dose



Master 3.1, Dose-Response Curves



Master 3.2, Graph Paper

Student Copies

Lesson 4, Individual Responses Can Be Different

Master 4.1-4.5(.pdf)


Activity 1: Different Doses for Different People



Master 4.1, Acetaminophen Dosage Chart


Activity 2: A Poisonous Dose?



Master 4.2, A Poisonous Dose? The Case History



Master 4.3, A Poisonous Dose? The Problem

Student Copies

Activity 3: The Chemical Caffeine: How Do You React?



Master 4.4, Parent Letter

Student Copies


Master 4.5, The Chemical Caffeine: How Do You Respond?

Student Copies

Lesson 5, What Is the Risk?

Master 5.1-5.2(.pdf)


Activity 1: People at Risk



Master 5.1, Risk Assessment and Management



Master 5.2, Minamata Disease

Student Copies

Lesson 6, Environmental Hazards

Master 6.1-6.3(.pdf)


Activity 1: The Field Trip



Master 6.1, Heads or Tails?

Student Copies


Master 6.2, Choice Cards

Classroom Set


Master 6.3, Fact Sheets on Chemicals

Classroom Sets


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