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Chemicals, the Environment, and You
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Everything Is Made of Chemicals

Ride Along with HAZMAT

What's Wrong Here?

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Safety Inspector

I'm the safety inspector. My job is to make sure that everyone who works around chemicals is safe. I make sure that they take the right precautions to minimize any possible harm. If I find that someone is not handling chemicals correctly, I help them understand what the problem is and what steps they can take to be safe. After all, chemicals are important in our lives, but they can cause problems if not handled correctly. Take a look at my videos, and see if you can identify how people are exposed to chemicals.

Camera 1 Video

Narrator: In a garage, a young girl removes the cap off a metal can and sniffs the contents. She cringes at the fumes, but does the same for another can.

Camera 2 Video

Narrator: In a science lab, a young man is working with chemicals while drinking a soda and eating cookies that are on the lab countertop

Camera 3 Video

Narrator: A girl combines window cleaning fluid from one container to another and pours the excess into a drinking glass. She leaves but does not take the drinking glass. A boy then comes along and drinks out of it.

Camera 4 Video

Narrator: A man in a lab places food in a beaker, touches it with an instrument, and consults a computer connected to the instrument.

Camera 5 Video

Narrator: A woman in a lab sniffs the contents of a test tube and then pours them into a large flask.

Camera 6 Video

Narrator: A lab technician spills a powdery chemical on the countertop and then sweeps it up with his bare hands

Camera 7 Video

Narrator: A man pours ammonia on a stained floor and scrubs it with a brush. He then adds bleach and scrubs that in as well.

Camera 8 Video

Narrator: A man reaches into a bag of weed killer and fertilizer with his bare hands and then spreads it across the lawn

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