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Chemicals, the Environment, and You
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Principal (addressing a parent): Yes, Mrs. Johnson, I'm so sorry, Mrs. Johnson. Well, please call us and let us know what you find out at the hospital. Okay? Well, it looks like you're feeling well enough to go on home. If he starts feeling really bad, take him to the emergency room. Howard, why don't you let me take care of this? I hope you feel better.

Principal (addressing the camera): What a nightmare. You know, at first I thought this was just another practical joke. A bunch of kids get off of the bus, all of them moaning and holding their heads, some clutching their stomachs. You know, teenagers can be such actors. But when I saw Ellie lean against that building and then slump down to the ground, I knew it was no joke. Ellie Johnson is the kind of kid who takes everything very seriously. Ellie, Howard, and about a dozen other kids, all with headaches and nausea. How could this be happening to me? I chose the safest possible field trip—no zoo where a lion can bite off a kid's hand, no nature hike where a kid can slip and fall into a river. This was the Museum of Natural History. How much safer can you get? I don't know. Maybe they were out in the sun too long, or maybe they breathed some smog. Maybe all of the kids came down with a flu bug, or they ate something that had gone bad. I just hope there's some kind of clue on Howard's videotape. That kid videos everything.

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