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Chemicals, the Environment, and You
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9 AM Video

Narrator: A van of students drives out of the parking lot, while another van is boarded by other students.

10 AM Video

Narrator: While refueling the van, a student overflows the tank, spilling gas on his hand and shoes. He uses paper towels to dry up the excess gas while another student recoils at the smell of the vapors coming through the van window.

11 AM Video

Narrator: A technician describes a lab area to a group of students. A sign on the wall behind the technician reads: Warning, Dangerous Materials, Protective Clothing Required.

12 PM Video

Narrator: While students eat lunch sitting on the stairs, one boy takes the last soda from a cooler, he then drinks the soda, which is called Charge.

1 PM Video

Narrator: In the museum activity room, a student washes his hands. At nearby tables, other students are painting model dinosaurs and spilling the paint over their hands and lab coats.

3 PM Video

Narrator: The students ride a bus.

4 PM Video

Narrator: On the busride, many students are resting. Some hold their stomachs.

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