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Disease Transmission Simulation  

The disease transmission simulation allows you to examine the impact of four disease characteristics on the spread of disease through a population. The four disease characteristics and the range of values for each are listed in the table to the right.
Characteristic Range
virulence (likelihood of dying) 0 (no victims die) to 0.75 (75% of victims die)
duration of infection 1 day to 20 days
rate of transmission 0.1 per day to 10 per day
initial percent immune 0% to 100%

To use the simulation:

  1. Set the desired values for the disease characteristics.
  2. Click "Autorun" (automatically runs for 30 days) or "Run Day-by-Day"
    (allows you to step through 30 or fewer days).
  3. Click "Reset" to start a new run using the same or different values for the disease characteristics.

Launch Simulator - To use this simulator, you must have Macromedia Flash

Text-only version of the Disease Transmission Simulation

Note: You must have the Flash Player installed to use the Disease Transmission Simulation
The above link opens a new browser window.

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