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PDF Files for Printing

Printed versions of the NIH curriculum supplements are available to qualified people free of charge. For additional information, please read the "Supplement Distribution Policy."

The following links will open a PDF file in a new browser window. If you would like to save the PDF file to your computer, follow these steps:

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PDF Files for Printing PDF File Size Approximate download time over a 56K modem
All Teacher's Guide Content Entire Module 3.89 MB 10 minutes
Activity 1 - Deadly Diseases Among Us Lesson Plan 118 KB 17 seconds
  Masters 97 KB 14 seconds
Activity 2 - Disease Detectives Lesson Plan 109 KB 15 seconds
  Masters 1.85 MB 5 minutes
Activity 3 - Superbugs: An Evolving Concern Lesson Plan 131 KB 19 seconds
  Masters 460 KB 1 minute
  Non-Web Lesson Plan 461 KB 1 minute
Activity 4 - Protecting the Herd Lesson Plan 142 KB 20 seconds
  Masters 99 KB 14 seconds
Activity 5 - Making Hard Decisions Lesson Plan 95 KB 13 seconds
  Masters 47 KB 6 seconds
  Non-Web Lesson Plan 276 KB 40 seconds

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