Using Technology to Study Cellular and Molecular Biology
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Using Technology to Study Cellular and Molecular Biology

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BSCS Development Team

Rodger Bybee, Principal Investigator
Jerry Phillips, Project Director
April Gardner, Curriculum Developer
Sharmila Basu, Curriculum Developer
Carrie Hamm, Project Assistant
Ted Lamb, Evaluator
Barbara Perrin, Production Director
Ric Bascobert, Editor
Diane Gionfriddo, Photo Research
Lisa Rasmussen, Graphic Designer/Illustrator

BSCS Administrative Staff

Carlo Parravano, Chair, Board of Directors
Rodger W. Bybee, Executive Director
Pam Van Scotter, Director, Curriculum Development Center
Janet Carlson Powell, Associate Director, Chief Science Education Officer
Larry Satkowiak, Associate Director, Chief Operating Officer

National Institutes of Health

Krishan Arora, Health Scientist Administrator, National Center for Research Resources
Bruce Fuchs, Director, Office of Science Education
William Mowczko, Project Officer, Office of Science Education
Cindy Allen, Editor, Office of Science Education
Lisa Strauss, Project Officer, Office of Science Education

Edge Interactive Staff

Bruce Surgenor, Senior Project Manager
Terry Wallace, Senior Project Manager
George Rosales, Art Director
Bill Bolduc, Software Development Manager
Greg Banse, Multimedia Engineer
Eric Reinhart, Multimedia Engineer

SAIC Staff

Bach Nguyen, Project Manager
Steve Larson, Web Director
Doug Green, Project Lead
Tommy D’Aquino, Multimedia Director
Paul Ayers, Multimedia Developer
John James, Multimedia Developer
Jeff Ludden, Multimedia Programmer
Pat Leffas, Multimedia Programmer
Aaron Bell, 3D Animator
David Kirkpatrick, Graphic Designer
Dave Nevins, Audio Engineer/Senior Web Developer
Jessica Butter, Senior Web Developer
Katie Riley, Web Developer
James Chandler, Web Developer/Usability Specialist
Abdellah Bougrine, Web Developer/Section 508 Specialist
Ginger Rittenhouse, Web Developer/Quality Assurance
Mary Jo Mallonee, Web Developer/Editor

Advisory Committee

Yury Chernoff, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia
Leemor Joshua-Tor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Sean Michael Kerwin, University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Loan Maas, High School Teacher, Longmont, Colorado
Martin Shields, James Caldwell High School, West Caldwell, New Jersey

Design Conference Participants

Philip Bourne, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California
David Gorenstein, University of Texas Galveston, Galveston, Texas
Amy Lee, King Kekaulike High School, Pukalani, Hawaii
Maryann Martone, University of California San Diego, San Diego, California
Joe Matteson, Pojoaque High School, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Alexander McPherson, University of California Irvine, Irvine, California
Kim Noethen, Pine Crest Preparatory School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Howard Robinson, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York
Michael Schmid, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
Rich Wasserman, Sand Creek High School, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Leigh Yarbrough, Cimarron High School, Cimarron, New Mexico

Primary Field-Test Teachers

Patrick Beohmer, Carrington Public Schools, Carrington, North Dakota
Patricia Carothers, Monte Vista High School, Danville, California
Carlos Charriez, Northwest High School, Germantown, Maryland
Brenda Chenier, Eastern Senior High School, Washington, District of Columbia
Carol Johnson, John Jay Science Academy, San Antonio, Texas
Amy Lee, King Kekaulike High School, Pukalani, Hawaii
Catherine Ratliff, Lafayette County High School, Oxford, Mississippi
Ann Sisson, Southern High School, Racine, Ohio
Carol Wheeler, Pine Creek High School, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Secondary Field-Test Teachers

Dawn Emanuel, Sallisaw High School, Sallisaw, Oklahoma
Keith Gibbons, Catholic Central High School, London, Ontario, Canada
Terry Houchens, Joliet Central High School, Joliet, Illinois
Patrick Kosher, Cornell High School, Cornell, Wisconsin
Alan Wasmoen, Mt.Michael Benedictine School, Elkhorn, Nebraska

Cover Illustration

The structure of the oncogene H-Ras p21 protein complexed with GTP on the cover photograph was taken from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) (, protein number PDB ID:121P. (Source: Wittinghofer, F., U. Krengel, J. John, W. Kabsch, E.F. Pai. 1991.Three-dimensional structure of p21 in the active conformation and analysis of an oncogenic mutant. Environmental Health Perspectives, 93: 11.)

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