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Community Health Department ShieldCase # 0439-a

Data from Investigation
Community Health Department
Case Number 0439-a
Disease Outbreak at Lincoln Elementary School

Results from initial investigation:

I. School absences
The school has 580 students. The illness occurred over a two month period. At the peak of the outbreak, 73 students (12.6 percent) were absent from school. Two years ago, a similar percentage of students were absent from what turned out to be the flu.

II. Disease symptoms
I interviewed the doctor who treated the ill students. He concluded that 66 students had chicken pox, based have having the characteristic rash and at least two other symptoms. The table below shows how many of these students displayed symptoms of chicken pox.

Symptoms of chicken pox
Symptom Number of students with symptom
Mild fever 66
Runny nose 60
Slight cough 56
Rash 66
Blisters 17
Headache 55
Sore throat 54

III. Laboratory tests
Samples taken from two of the ill students were sent away for lab analysis. One of the two samples was found to contain the chicken pox virus.