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To: Members of the Health Department Investigative Staff
From: Director of the Community Health Department
About: School absences

Principal Perez at Truman Middle School has alerted me to a possible health problem among her students (see attached letter). I need your staff to investigate the situation and determine if a health problem exists in our community.

To get you started, I have arranged to give you limited access to the school district's Web site. You will be able to access school attendance data for each of our community's four middle schools.

Please remember to take notes about your investigation. Each day, you should write your notes on a separate Investigative Report Form. The headings for our new Investigative Report Forms are:

  1. Testable Question
  2. Evidence Collected
  3. Analysis and Explanation of Evidence
  4. Next Question(s)

For your first investigation to determine if a health problem exists, you will need to ask a testable question that can be answered by analyzing school attendance data.

Attachment Attachment: Letter from Principal

Visit the School District's Web site and click on the link to "Attendance Data."