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To: Members of the Health Department Investigative Staff
From: Director of the Community Health Department

I need to alert you to a new situation that may or may not relate to your investigation. A neighboring community has discovered a problem that may affect us and other communities in the region. Bacteria that cause stomach illness have been detected in their water supply. The health department in that community reports a sharp increase in illnesses that have symptoms similar to food poisoning (stomach ache, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea). We're taking the necessary steps to watch for problems in our community.

By the way, I'm pleased to hear of the progress you are making with your investigation. As requested by your team supervisor, our staff has collected information about the activities that students participated in during the Battle of the Bands event. You can view this information in a table and displayed on a series of maps. Open the Activity Tables link attached to this memo to view this information.

Keep up the hard work. I look forward to learning the results of your investigations.


Activity Tables