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Teacher Support Materials

Download all Teacher Support Materials (3.8 MB PDF) here or individual materials below.

Module 1 first page

Module 1, Bioethics Concepts and Skills

Master 1.7 Answer Key for Oscar Pistorius’s CaseMaster 1.7 Answer Key for Carl’s CaseEnhancement Cases and Background Information: Caffeine and Modafinil, Myostatin, Erythropoietin (EPO), Growth Hormone, and Beta-BlockersActivity 6 Prompts: Understanding the Ethical ConsiderationsActivity 7 Questions: Applying the Ethical Considerations to Carl’s Case Facilitating a Good Ethical Discussion of Carl’s Case: Sample Student-Teacher DialoguePoint-Counterpoint: Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Banned in Sport?Sample Completed Point-Counterpoint SummaryComplete Module 1 Teacher Support Materials (2.7 MB)

Module 1 first page

Module 2, Balancing Individual and Community Claims: Establishing State Vaccination Policies

Master 2.2 Answer KeyMaster 2.7 Answer KeyMaster 2.10 Answer KeyAutism and the MMR VaccineDisease Occurrence Before and After Vaccine DevelopmentDeaths from Vaccine-Preventable DiseasesU.S. Vaccination Rates for Selected Vaccines, by Poverty LevelU.S. Vaccination Rates for Selected Vaccines, by StateRecommended Childhood Immunization ScheduleVaccination Policy Assignment RubricExtension (Optional): Responsibility Prompts and ScenariosComplete Module 2 Teacher Support Materials (420 KB)

Module 1 first page

Module 3, Allocating Scarce Resources:
The Case of Organ Transplantation

Answer Key (Samples) for Master 3.6Answer Key (Samples) for Master 3.9Answer Key (Samples) for Master 3.11Pros and Cons of Prioritizing a Single CriterionComplete Module 3 Teacher Support Materials (257 KB)

Module 1 first page

Module 4, Weighing Benefits and Harms:
Ethical Issues in Genetic Testing

Master 4.3 Answer KeyMaster 4.6 Answer KeyMaster 4.7 Answer KeyMaster 4.8 Answer KeyWho Should Decide Whether Max Gets Tested?Who Should Have Access to the Results?Supplementary Information on Alzheimer’s Disease and MEN IISupplementary Information on HNPCCComparison of Alzheimer’s Disease, MEN II, and HNPCCEvaluative Criteria for the Final AssessmentExtension (Optional): Should Employers Have Access to Genetic Test Results?Complete Module 4 Teacher Support Materials (374 KB)

Module 1 first page

Module 5, Research Ethics: The Power
and Peril of Human Experimentation

Master 5.5 Answer KeyExcerpt from the Nuremberg CodeThe Belmont ReportWorld Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki Complete Module 5 Teacher Support Materials (385 KB)

Module 1 first page

Module 6, Modifying the Natural World:
Human Responsibilities toward Animals

Sample List of ModificationsPowerPoint Presentation: Case PhotosCreating Transgenic Organisms Complete Module 6 Teacher Support Materials (161 KB)

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