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Credits Illustration of a man by Leonardo da Vinci

BSCS Development Team

Joseph D. McInerney, Co-Principal Investigator
Lynda B. Micikas, Co-Project Director

April L. Gardner, Visiting Scholar
Diane Gionfriddo, Research Assistant
Joy L. Hainley, Research Assistant
Judy L. Rasmussen, Senior Executive Assistant
Barbara C. Resch, Editor
Janie Mefford Shaklee, Evaluator
Lydia E. Walsh, Research Assistant

Videodiscovery, Inc. Development Team

D. Joseph Clark, Co-Principal Investigator
Shaun Taylor, Co-Project Director

Michael Bade, Multimedia Producer
Dave Christiansen, Animator
Greg Humes, Assistant Multimedia Producer
Lucy Flynn Zucotti, Photo Researcher

Advisory Committee

Ken Andrews, Colorado College, Colorado Springs,
Kenneth Bingman, Shawnee Mission West High School,
Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Julian Davies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver,
BC, Canada
Lynn B. Jorde, Eccles Institute of Human Genetics, Salt
Lake City, Utah
Elmer Kellmann, Parkway Central High School,
Chesterfield, Missouri
Mark A. Rothstein, University of Houston Law Center,
Houston, Texas
Carl W. Pierce, Consultant, Hermann, Missouri
Kelly A. Weiler, Garfield Heights High School, Garfield
Heights, Ohio
Raymond L. White, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake
City, Utah
Aimee L. Wonderlick, Northwestern University Medical
School, Chicago, Illinois

Writing Team

Mary Ann Cutter, University of Colorado—Colorado Springs
Jenny Sigstedt, Consultant, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Vickie Venne, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City,



Dan Anderson
Kevin Andrews

Cover Design

Karen Cook, NIH Medical Arts and Photography Branch

Cover Illustration

Salvador Bru, Illustrator
Design and Layout
Angela Greenwalt, Finer Points Productions

BSCS Administrative Staff

Timothy H. Goldsmith, Chairman, Board of Directors
Joseph D. McInerney, Director
Michael J. Dougherty, Associate Director

Videodiscovery, Inc. Administrative Staff

D. Joseph Clark, President
Shaun Taylor, Vice President for Product Development

National Institutes of Health

Bruce Fuchs, Office of Science Education
John Finerty, National Cancer Institute
Susan Garges, National Cancer Institute
William Mowczko, Office of Science Education
Cherie Nichols, National Cancer Institute
Gloria Seelman, Office of Science Education

Field-Test Teachers

Christina Booth, Woodbine High School, Woodbine, Iowa
Richard Borinsky, Broomfield High School, Broomfield,
Patrick Ehrman, A.G. Davis Senior High School, Yakima,
Elizabeth Hellman, Wheaton High School, Wheaton,
Jeffrey Sellers, Eastern High School, Washington, DC

Photo Credits

Figures 1, 9, and 10: Corel Corporation; Opening
photographs for activities: Videodiscovery, Inc.


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