Open Wide and Trek Inside

Inside your mouth

Molars, the teeth in the back of the mouth.
These are the MOLARS. They CHEW and GRIND foods.

Incisors, the front teeth between the canines.
These are the INCISORS. They CUT foods.

Canines, the pointy teeth on the corners of the mouth.
These are the CANINES. They RIP and TEAR food apart with their pointy shapes. This CANINE TOOTH has fallen out. A permanent CANINE TOOTH will soon come in.

I'm the PALATE, the top, or roof, of your mouth.

Don't I have a lovely name — UVULA?

I'm the TONGUE, a major muscle that helps you talk, swallow, and taste.

These are your GUMS. They form tight sleeves around your teeth.

These are SALIVA DUCTS. They're small holes that let saliva into your mouth.

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