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Table of Contents for Masters   Masters TOC (pdf)
Lesson 1, What Do Mouths Do?   Masters-1.1a-1.3 (pdf)
        Master 1.1, A Visitor from Outer Space   teacher copies
  Master 1.2, Mouth Journal   student copies
  Master 1.3, Mouth Journal Writing Pages   student copies
Lesson 2, Open Wide! What's Inside?   Masters-2.1-2.4b (pdf)
  Master 2.1, The Parts of the Mouth   transparency
  Master 2.2, Mouth X-Ray   original
  Master 2.3, Take-home Activity 1: My Tooth Record   student copies
  Master 2.4, The Parts of My Mouth Game Cards   student copies
Lesson 3, Let's Investigate Tooth Decay!   Masters-3.1a-3.2b (pdf)
  Master 3.1, Apple Record Page   student copies
  Master 3.2, Take-home Activity 2: So You Want to Be an Eggs-pert Scientist!   student copies
    Masters-4.1a-4.1n (pdf)
Lesson 4, What Lives Inside Your Mouth?   HTML version of Masters 4
  Master 4.1, Animals Do More Than Eat and Drink   teacher storybook
Lesson 5, What Keeps Your Mouth Healthy?   Masters-5.1a-5.1b (pdf)
  Master 5.1, Take-home Activity 3: Brushing to the Beat!   student copies
Lesson 6, What Have You Learned about the Mouth?   Masters-6.1-6.4 (pdf)
  Master 6.1, A Bad Day for Mr. Tooth Template Page   student copies
  Master 6.2, A Bad Day for Mr. Tooth Pictures   student copies
  Master 6.3, A Good Day for Mr. Tooth Template Page   student copies
  Master 6.4, A Good Day for Mr. Tooth Pictures   student copies

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