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PDF Files for Printing

Printed versions of the NIH curriculum supplements are available to qualified people free of charge. For additional information, please read the " Supplement Distribution Policy ."

The following links will open a PDF file in a new browser window. If you would like to save the PDF file to your computer, follow these steps:

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Macintosh Users

Title PDF File Size Approximate download time over a 56K modem
All Teacher's Guide Content Entire Module 6.6 MB 16 minutes
Lesson 1—What Do Mouths Do? Lesson Plan 522 KB 1 minutes
  Masters 986 KB 2 minutes
  Patrones 1.14 MB 3 minutes
Lesson 2—Open Wide! What's Inside Lesson Plan 1.2 MB 3 minutes
  Masters 585 KB 90 seconds
  Patrones 734 KB 2 minutes
Lesson 3—Let's Investigate Tooth Decay Lesson Plan 643 KB 90 seconds
Masters 60 KB 8 seconds
Patrones 66 KB 9 seconds
Lesson 4—What Lives Inside Your Mouth? Lesson Plan 479 KB 1 minute
Masters 456 KB 1 minute
HTML version of Masters  
Patrones 778 KB 2 minutes
Lesson 5—What Keeps Your Mouth Healthy? Lesson Plan 971 KB 2 minutes
Masters 97 KB 14 seconds
Patrones 113 KB 15 seconds
Lesson 6—What Have You Learned about the Mouth? Lesson Plan 362 KB 52 seconds
  Masters 117 KB 17 seconds
  Patrones 152 KB 21 seconds

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